What is Wooden Stories – The North Pole?

The set contains:

  •  A storybook
  • A game board for playing
  • A figure set

The set does not contain:

  • The amount of time that should be devoted to children, but we are fairly sure you will find it!

The storybook is divided into 3 parts:

The first part contains stories that introduce children to the North Pole crew, their relationships, fears, and wishes. The stories are complete and designed for meeting the surroundings and characters.

The second part contains stories permeated with questions, which seamlessly invites the children to engage in them and free their imagination.

The third part is comprised of stories that the children themselves tell, but guided with questions regarding what could happen or how is it possible to solve a task.

The game board was carefully made, it is two-sided, full of colors and details and it encourages creativity. The game board also has a hidden function since it offers answers to some questions, gives ideas on how to arrange figures or solve situations. The stories are played on the inner side of the game board, while the outer side is designed for the game played with the dice.

The figures are made of solid wood, without colors or varnishes and their design corresponds to the stories. Ergonomically, they are designed to fit a kid’s hand, and placing and moving them across the game board develops fine motor skills and perception.

How are Wooden Stories told?

Depending on the age and the interest of an individual child it is possible to tell the stories in many ways.

The figure set allows even the youngest children, around 3 years old, to be active participants while listening to the stories. By arranging the figures, moving them around and assuming different roles, the kid learns to listen and pay attention, develops fine motor skills, which is linked with speech development. The first part of the book with complete stories is ideal for these types of activities.

As the kid matures, the toy helps him spark his imagination, develop his speech and improve his vocabulary by him filling in the story. In the second part of the book, as the stories move on, the kid engages more and more in finishing the stories.

It is important to know that there isn’t one answer to the questions. Even though the answer to every question is already offered, let the kid think of his version. Every answer is good because it improves cognitive development. Solving specific tasks through association helps form critical thinking. In development phase, kids show elements of public appearance. And when the imagination kindles, the kids can imagine and tell the stories on their own. This is when our goal is achieved!

The third part of the book is simply a small help with ideas for storytelling. The kid, or kids, can tell stories guided by questions from the book, or they can tell them completely on their own the way they want to.

Why choose Wooden stories?

Because it is a unique toy that improves:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Critical thinking – primarily the ability to find your answers, not leaning on others’ answers and opinions
  • Creativity – the ability to use imagination and be creative
  • Communication – the ability to have a conversation with individuals of different opinions, sensitivities, and affinities
  • Collaboration – the ability to cooperate during problem-solving.

The toy is suitable for playing either with one kid or with a group.

It is perfect and unique because kids of different ages can play it simultaneously since everyone will experience it according to his development stage.

Game rules: Choose the figures you will compete with and place them on the starting position. Decide which player goes first. The number you get by rolling the dice indicates the number of icebergs you have to move across. Some icebergs contain special activities, that are described on the game board.The first player to reach the bigger iceberg that is, the New Year gift, wins the game.